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Aconiconi Marvel Star French vintage long short black tweed skirt top - Ceitr

Aconiconi Marvel Star French vintage long short black tweed skirt top - Ceitr

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​​​​​​The night sky is silent, as if the world is temporarily covered with a thin layer of black

gauze. The bright moonlight is pouring out the dense light. The
intertwined dance skirts are swaying, and the heartstrings are also plucked.

Select high-end small fragrant fabrics and weave them from a variety of yarns into finely divided black flashes.

Crushing a pool of stars, low-key and high-end, using unique embroidery beading technology

Combine sequin tube beads into one and form three-dimensional beaded flowers.

Delicate and full blooming on the fabric

The tassel vest design is more flexible and age-reducing, giving you a lively and charming feeling.

The slightly A-line shape is loose and tolerant to the figure.
The wide shoulder strap design hides the side breasts and adds more practicality. It can be worn alone or as a base layer. During the season, the skirt is longer and the hem is
thoughtfully made into a long or short 
hem for everyone. The hand-drawn tassels are elegant and lively as you walk.

Creates a free and romantic fashion atmosphere.

The straight skirt is suitable for most body types. The short style is full of girlishness.

Long, elegant and generous styles are available in two styles.

Lined with rayon twill, skin-friendly and comfortable.
Invisible zipper on the side for easy putting on and taking off.


Washing instructions:

Beaded design on the body, dry cleaning recommended! ! !
PS: It is normal for pieces to occasionally fall off during the sewing process.

We will try our best to handle it and send it to you. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Brand: Aconiconi
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: XS SML XL
  • Launch year and season: Autumn
  • Fabric/plus material: 100% polyester fiber
size clothes length shoulder width chest circumference
Top S 46 30 88
Top M 47 31 92
Top L 48 32 96
Top XL 79 33 100
size clothes length waistline Hips
Short skirt XS 51 62 86
short skirt S 52 66 90
Short skirt M 53 70 94
Short skirt L 54 74 98
Short skirt XL 55 78 102
Long skirt XS 76 62 86
long skirt S 77 66 90
Long skirt M 78 70 94
long skirt L 79 74 98
Long skirt XL 80 78 102


Size information/Size info: Flat measurement, the error is allowed to be about 1-3cm, the actual product shall prevail.






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