FAQ (need to know)


We care about the dread of international online orders. For Buyers and for ourselves… (We really are putting our money where our mouth is and want to ensure we keep doing so)

So personal Picture of each item is taken and sent to Buyer before shipping.

This is Buyers opportunity to be fickle and change their Mind, for Any reason whatsoever. Because Once shipped Our Return Policy below goes into effect. (Please read below)


Q: How does shipping work?

You add items from different seller/brands you want to cart… Place your order …We consolidate your cart together on our end regardless of brand and seller location (We’ve got the logistic Magic down) And your item/s ships to you depending on the shipping option you chose.

So really, it's up to you!

Q: How Long does shipping take?

Shipping time depends on your shipping choice.

Standard shipping- Direct to you, takes roughly 14 days

Standard shipping - Seller - Orumatoru - Buyer takes roughly 16 days

Expedited shipping - Extra Cost

(Note we cannot calculate individual’s country custom waiting period as that is outside of our jurisdiction)

Q: Are there any extra fees ?

No extra Fees… If in the contiguous United States Enjoy free standard shipping whether you chose to have it shipped directly to you or to Us first.

Expedited shipping : Will incur an expedited shipping Fee on the check out page.

International Buyer: No extra Fees…. Just the flat rate shipping fee whether you chose to have it shipped to you directly or to Orumatoru first. (With exception of your customs,vat fees of your country… We cannot speak for each countries system and therefore are not responsible for that)

Q: How does the Discount work?

It is simple and transparent. $10 off every extra Item you add to cart after the first item.

1 extra item is $10 off

2 extra item $20 off and so on…


Q: How does RETURNS work?

Return for Full Refund on Items which Do Not hold the quality and style represented in the picture and by the brand.

No need to worry about sending back to international Seller… Just contact us… And following our instruction send it to us in New York . Refund is approved after we receive the return. Start a return here

Qb: RETURNS do we not accept?

Return due to buyers sizing error (pay attention to sizing chart)

Return due to buyer’s fickleness

Return due to change of Mind

Remember we are not the brands… We vouch for the brands quality, hence we are only able to accept returns and offer full refunds for quality Issues on Items which do not hold the quality and style represented in the picture and by the brand and handle the loss on our own… But we cannot be responsible for fickleness and carelessness

Be Mindful of your shopping habits, Be certain you want to buy, we are trying to reduce the damage done to planet earth. So be mindful and certain you like what you are ordering.


We offer a range of quality tested brands for range of budgets .We offer brands at different price ranges. But what is consistent is the unique ideology behind each; and the promise of quality.

With our discount policy, it is hard not to find something in your range.


We are dedicated to introducing authentic quality Asian brands to the rest of the world. Located in New York. We operate to make sure our customers have a seamless shopping experience with our curated brands