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WANXO female double-sided Alpaca long-haired large lapel woolen mid-length coat - Lara

WANXO female double-sided Alpaca long-haired large lapel woolen mid-length coat - Lara

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  • Brand: WANXO
  • Collar: Stand collar
  • Color classification: New Year red,  cloud white
  • Market Year Season: Winter 
  • Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve
  • shirt length: Medium
  • Clothing version: cloak
  • Popular elements/craftsmanship: Rivet straps
  • Material composition: other 100%
  • Materials

    The expensive and unbeatable black label double-sided Lara long-haired coat exudes a kind of warmth wrapped around the coat, which is casual and lazy .
    Lara has big dangling lapels for casual freedom. Dropped shoulders, straight body, large silhouette, neat cutting , lazy, comfortable and inclusive
    body, lara coat is not limited to body size and occasions, the upper body is elegant and comfortable, casual atmosphere,

    Easily create a practical and layered look for winter.
    The large lapel and button-tab design, there is no other decoration besides this.

    There are seam pockets on both sides of the coat,

    The long hair is fluffy, the roots are plump, the plush feeling is visible to the naked eye, the
    luster is clean, the quality and color are famous for their unique characteristics, and the finished product quality is comparable to "fur"!

    "Suli" is a kind of alpaca wool and mostly refers to adult alpaca wool.
    The often-mentioned "Babe" is the wool of alpaca cubs, which
    is relatively finer and softer than the fibers.
    The hollow structure of Alpaca Teshu makes it lighter and more elastic.
    It has excellent thermal insulation properties.

    Its insulating properties not only isolate cold air,
    but also do not conduct heat energy to the outside world, making it more warm and breathable.
    Alpaca wool itself does not contain oil, so it is not easy to accumulate dust.

    No odor, it is easy to take care of.

    In terms of details, the red uses a black leather strap contrast color,
    black oil edge technology, frosted buckle,
    full GAO-level sense, and the details further improve the quality.

    Cloud White uses coffee gold buckles, adjustable leather loops,
    irregular loops , white thick lines and pressure lines, and customized unique ① without ②.
    GAO and silk twill satin fabric edging is expensive and delicate.

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    Care Instructions

    Washing suggestion:
    Please be sure to professional dry cleaning, no machine washing, no water washing,

    Please be sure to iron with a low temperature pad, and do not expose to the sun for a long time.

    Use the dust cover to hang and store.

    Note:1. Long-haired fabrics are often rubbed, and it is inevitable that there will be messy hair.

    Just lightly comb with a cashmere brush.

    2. Natural fabric CHAO long hair fiber, slight hair loss is inevitable.

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