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Aconiconi| bright autumn and winter elegant design jacket Skirt - Rose tea

Aconiconi| bright autumn and winter elegant design jacket Skirt - Rose tea

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 Several kinds of yarns of different thicknesses are interlaced in warp and weft to form a three-dimensional color with a sense of detail. The Rose red color is bright and eye-catching. The customized black fabric with sequins are beautiful and bright and shows a refraction of different rays of light under different light is dazzling 

Don't worry about being too exaggerated. The black base makes it low-key and luxurious. Both fabrics are very tight. The composite process increases their own thickness for better warmth retention. it has a Minimalist box silhouette, The arc of the hem is smooth and natural with a ribbon design at round neck. There are small shoulder pads on the shoulders for a wide and stylish design .

The high-waisted pencil skirt trims the curves and there are two different lengths to choose from. Long and short for elegant and lovely women. The skirt and jackets can be worn separately to style as your own or together . 

Special Note: When cutting sequin fabrics, it is inevitable that some complete sequins will be cut. It is normal for the sequins torn at the splicing to fall off during wearing. Clothes woven with sequins also need special care when wearing them to prevent them from being caught! ! !


Brand: Aconiconi
Material: 30% wool 70% polyester fiber
Listing Year Season: Winter, Fall, Spring

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Care Instructions

Washing advice: Tweed technical fabrics must only be dry cleaned! ! !

There are many sequins on the black body, if the clothes are damaged due to improper washing, it is not a quality problem!

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